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Business Resources

Now you know what cloud technology is and how it works. You know what its benefits are, from cost savings to flexibility, integration, mobility and efficiency. You probably wonder how it can be used in the usual workflow. We have the answers. Ymens solutions meet your needs and improve your efficiency. You can learn how to use them in your company by reading the resources we have prepared for you.
Ymens organizes, on 23rd October 2014, an interactive workshop for CRM Ymens solution of rendering efficient the customer relation management. This relies on Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities. During this workshop, the participants will discover the benefits offered by the use of a cloud CRM solution, by rendering harmonious and efficient the processes of sale, marketing and the customer relationship. Participation benefits Based on the experience acquired by Ymens with the clients from...
On an increasingly dinamic and demanding market, the Romanian SMEs turn their attention toward the solutions that can bring them efficiency and promptness, while constantly maintaining the costs or even reducing them. In this context, the ERP-type solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) become essential for the good administration of the business. Intended as an integrated business solution, an ERP application supports the unitary and integrated management of all the processes in a company....
“Can you please come to my desk with the customer’s folder? Thanks.” This is just one example of the e-mails sent to your colleagues when you must solve an issue but don’t have everything you need. Of course, this excludes the situations when one shouts from one corner of the office to the other. When the employee finally reaches his colleague’s desk, after few minutes of searching all the documents, he has to bring another folder. He goes back, looks again and...