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Ymens lansează soluția de management al relațiilor cu clienții Ymens CRM, bazată pe funcționalitățile Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ymens launches the solution for customer relationship management, CRM Ymens, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities

Ymens, the first cloud broker in Romania and the only company to offer a dedicated cloud platform for business solutions, launches Ymens CRM, based on the customer relationship management solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The cloud company relies on achieving about 15% of 2014 turnover with the help of the new solution introduced on the platform.


Ymens takes thus a big step in partnering with Microsoft, following end of last year's launching of Microsoft communication and collaboration solutions hosted on their own platform and as a reseller of Office 365. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution is now part of the cloud company offer and is named Ymens CRM, hosted on the platform and natively integrated with Microsoft solutions already offered by Ymens.


Launching the Ymens CRM solution comes along the positive development of the global market in recent years, with visible impact also at local level. The trend of providing CRM solutions in SaaS (Software as a Service) has become obvious globally even starting a few years ago - according to Gartner, 40% of CRM systems have been sold in form of services in 2012, and the segment is expected to register a solid growth the coming years.Overall, the entire CRM market worldwide is estimated at $ 23.9 billion this year, out of which 49% will be this type of cloud solutions, according to market research.


Bogdan Padiu, CEO Teamnet Group:


"Global trends show an increasing interest and a great growth potential for customer relationship management solutions and the CRM market in Romania, although still in its infancy, is in line with these trends. Ymens continues to innovate and bring on the platform the cloud business solution Ymens CRM, based on Microsoft technology and adapted to Romanian organizations. With the new CRM solution in the cloud, Ymens aims to facilitate the access to specialized and complex solutions for customer relationship management and increase the usage rate of such solutions locally."


In Romania, SMEs mainly use internally-developed applications for customer relationship management and, often, do not use them at all. Among the large and very large companies, about 1,000 companies in Romania are currently using a professional CRM solution or parts thereof, purchased from an external supplier. From the company's own analyses, the local market of CRM solutions is expected to grow by 5-10% per year, Microsoft Dynamics CRM recording one of the highest increases, forecasted at more than 30%.


Bogdan Balaci, CEO Ymens:


"Large companies, but more often, SMEs and public institutions aim to transform customer relationships into long-term partnerships. Thus, organizations are becoming more and more interested in specialized solutions for customer relationship management (CRM). Ymens meets the market demands by introducing on an integrated cloud platform the Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution under the name of CRM Ymens, the only one of its kind in Romania at the moment. The business model that we promote strengthens our position as "one-stop-shop" for Romanian organizations seeking modern and affordable business solutions. "


To meet various market demands, Ymens has a team of professionals with vast expertise in the CRM area, which have all the necessary certifications to provide full service. This includes business analysis required for sizing the CRM solution, consulting, implementation, support and maintenance services.


The Ymens CRM solution can be accessible with a small initial investment, related to the implementation, plus the monthly subscription amount based on the number of users, user type and the rights they have to access the modules and functionalities of the solution. The Ymens CRM offer comprises three types of packages: Start (9 euros / user / month), Standard (19 euro / user / month) and Expert (45 euro / user / month).

The main benefit gained by the user of Ymens CRM is complete visibility to customers by integrating sales processes, marketing and customer service. A friendly interface and the native integration with Microsoft Outlook turns this solution into an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for sales representatives, marketing staff but also for their managers. The reports that Ymens CRM brings to a company's management reach convey more clarity to the relationship with customers and the ability to act proactively towards that direction. As a cloud solution, CRM Ymens also brings the advantage of reduced operating and administration costs.


According to Gartner, CRM will become the center of digital initiatives in the coming years, including by the integration with social media, web analytics tools and e-commerce."In the future, success in dealing with customers will depend more on knowing the context of interaction with them than the transaction itself. Sales activities, marketing and customer service will continue to be the core of CRM solutions, given the impact created on consumer behavior by social networks, mobile devices, big data, the cloud and IOT (Internet of Things). "- Bogdan Balaci, CEO Ymens.


As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and partner of Silver Collaboration and Content, Ymens brings much more to its offer of Microsoft solutions on the platform by providing a new application for customer relationship management.Thus Ymens consolidates its position as provider of complete and integrated business solutions in the cloud, with benefits such as flexibility, productivity, operational and financial efficiency, optimal cooperation and faster teamwork.


About Ymens


YMENS is the first cloud broker in Romania that offers cloudsourcing solutions. They enable companies to outsource the entire IT infrastructure to the cloud and benefit at the same time of a full suite of solutions in support consultancy, administration and maintenance, and also associated services such as BPO (business process outsourcing), AMS (Application Management Services) and IT outsourcing. The Ymens cloud technology platform was developed starting from an investment of one million euro. Ymens offers customizable, compatible and interconnected solutions, contributing to streamlinging Romanian business.

The cloud is an IT infrastructure located in a data center which provides, among others, integrated application platforms for companies. Cloud solutions can be accessed online, directly from your internet browser on your laptop or desktop phone or tablet through dedicated applications.

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