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Top 5 motive pentru care să folosești o soluție ERP în cloud

Top 5 reasons to use a cloud ERP solution

On an increasingly dinamic and demanding market, the Romanian SMEs turn their attention toward the solutions that can bring them efficiency and promptness, while constantly maintaining the costs or even reducing them. In this context, the ERP-type solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) become essential for the good administration of the business. Intended as an integrated business solution, an ERP application supports the unitary and integrated management of all the processes in a company.

Along with the wide distribution of the cloud technology and with the growth of the adoption degree and use of the SaaS business solutions (Software as a Service ), the ERP-type cloud applications enjoy increasing visibility among the Romanian SMEs, due to the specific advantages. Ymens, the company that offers the only cloud business solution integration platform in Romania, identified the five main reasons why its clients chose Integrator, the ERP-type cloud solution in the platform:

1.Real-time information and a clear business perspective The Integrator solution offered by Ymens makes available to a company’s management those reports and financial statements that offer an overview on the business health that a company manager needs. Thus, the decisions can be made even faster whilst enhancing the flexibility of the company on the market.

2.The integrated administration of all the internal processes Integrator is an ERP-type cloud solution, yet it maintains all the known functionalities of the traditional resource management solutions. The entire chain of processes within a company, such as procurement, tendering, stock management, customer service, sales, delivery and collection can be easily administrated by an unitary manner with the help of Integrator. A vital function of any company, the financial accounting function, becomes easy to implement, follow and assess through the dedicated modules of Integrator.

3.Predictable and reduced costs, by payment of a monthly subscription One of the main advantages that the cloud system brings to the Romanian companies is cost optimization. The SMEs that choose the Integrator solution from the Ymens offer make a change in mentality and a step ahead from a technological point of view, choosing to release the initial investment, often significant in case of traditional ERP applications, for a modern and efficient solution, based on a monthly subscription. Furthermore, the licensing costs, maintenance, servers and system updates are borne by the supplier, and the client will only pay the monthly subscription afferent to the number of users that access Integrator and will be able to measure it when when necessary, according to the evolution of the business.


4.Access to the solution anytime and from anywhere The SMEs need flexibility, promptness and data access, and the Romanian managers are starting to better understand how important it is to have access to the company data from any location and at anytime. The Integrator Solution provided by Ymens can be easily accessed from any device connected to the internet. The access is secured and, for different categories of information, the client can establish and assign roles with different levels of access and authorization to other users.

5.One partner for all the solutions and services you need In order to make the most of the results of the use of an ERP solution, the SMEs often need more than the application itself. From the interaction with its customers, Ymens understood how important the side applications such as consultancy, training, implementation, application customization and support are for the success of a project. . At the same time, in most cases, the clients also need comunication or collaboration solutions, document management, CRM for the relation with the customers, e-commerce etc. Therefore, Ymens provides its clients with a platform of solutions and services capable to answer to the most demanding requirements of the Romanian business environment. Find out more about Integrator, the ERP cloud solution in the Ymens platform.