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Noi soluţii cloud pentru optimizarea afacerii în platforma Ymens

Ymens’ new cloud solutions for business optimization

Ymens, the cloud company who develops solutions for SMEs, adds two new applications for business optimization to their portfolio. Integrator and Facturator+ are the latest additions to the package already comprised of nine applications. These cover a complex area of activities, can be customized and improve companies’ performance.

Following the introduction of Integrator within the Ymens offer, customers have a business tool where employees, inventory and sales management are interconnected and integrated with each other. Romanian SMEs can thus use a solution that makes their businesses more efficient, a solution that was available until now only to big coprorations. In this respect, Ymens identifed and responded to market’s needs by enriching its solutions portfolio.

Integrator is a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that manages production, payables and receivables in real time. Its users can access HR, accounting and customer support requests information anytime, anywhere, no matter of the device they use for accessing the platform.

A major plus for this ERP solution is its integration with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Business Intelligence or e-commerce solutions. Managing employees through the ERP Integrator solution makes the business more efficient; file management means that every document that is inputted into the system can be traced: who modified it, when and in what department. Limiting control keys means limiting users input faulty data.

Integrator solution is the result of the collaboration between Ymens and Pluriva, a company that specializes in business applications development for the Romanian market. This system’s quality and complexity, along with its easy cloud integration made Ymens integrate the solution to their solution package. This ERP can be quickly implemented and it’s easy to use. In Pluriva, Ymens found a matching partner with respect to technology, functionality and ergonomy.

Georgian Roşu – General Manager Pluriva:

„Working with Ymens partners, we managed to create the most attractive ERP product on the Romanian market that has accounting, sales, aquisitions, production and inventory management features at a competitive price. We are sure that our cloud ERP solution will become a commodity for many Romanian companies, especially in the fields of distribution, logistic, retail, manufacturing and services. By integrating our ERP system into Ymens’ cloud platform, we answer Romanian companies’ needs in time of economic crisis and we offer them access to a valid solution, where they don’t have to invest in software licenses. Integrating our ERP system in Ymens platform was done exactly when our solution was readily available in SaaS”.

Facturator+ is the second solution Ymens added to its portfolio and which offers more complexity than the current Facturator solution.

The new solution has additional features that keep track of multiple workstation invoices, manage foreign countries invoices and offers greater flexibility in setting invoicing parameters. Facturator+ keeps tracks of sales and aquisitions by integrating a suppliers’ invoice management module. Through this feature, the solution offers a way to keep track of payables and receivables, through detailed reports on their commercial activities.

Through Facturator+, Ymens offers users a complex set of reporting capabilities that can generate detailed financial and commercial reports: payables, sales volume, what products are the best sellers, customers’ statistical data and sales by agents and by geographical areas. Some of the most notable Facturator+ features are generating alerts for current or overdue payments, calculalting penalties for overdue payments and automatic contract invoicing.

Facturator+ is the result of the integration of an application developed by Gradientis Software into Ymens platform. This cooperation answers market requests and was possible because of the high quality standards the two companies have.

Dragoș Cernahoschi – General Manager Gradientis Software:

“Ymens initiative of offering an integrated platform for cloud business software is an important step in developing this kind of business in Romania. Small and medium sized companies understood the advantages cloud solutions offer in terms of efficiency, scalability and productivity. Moreover, invoicing and file management are crucial in any business’ activities. This way, we are glad that our partnership allows more and more companies to have access to a modern, robust, top of the line invoicing system.”

The cloud technology Ymens addresses, through its solutions, to small and medium sized companies’ which need to reach their objectives in the most efficient way and with minimal costs. Ymens has to this date more than 5000 users from varied fields of activity. The newly introduced solutions, Integrator and Facturator+, enrich their portfolio and answer business’ demands. This way, users have access to complex technologies that streamline their activities and make them more effective.

Călin Butunoi, General Manager Ymens:

„Ymens’ goal is to answer to Romanian SMEs’ managers’ needs by investing in the latest and most efficient technologies. Diversifying our solution portfolio is our answer to business’ demands. Integrator brings the ERP component, vital to any SME that wants to be competitive. Our users felt the need of such module, capable of integrating with the rest of Ymens solutions. Through Facturator+ we also address the requests for an advanced payables and receivables management solution, for on-demand reports and financial statements.”


Ymens is the cloud company that offers SMEs solutions specifically formulated for Romanian bussines environment and developped in agreement with the Romanian legislation. A million dollars was invested in developing this cloud platform. Ymens offers customizable and integrated solutions who make over 5000 users run their businesses more efficiently.

The cloud is the IT infrastructure situated in a data center that offers, among other things, integrated applications for small and medium businesses. The cloud solutions can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a browser installed on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

Pluriva is an IT company founded in 1998. It offers business solutions, ERP and sofware development. Pluriva’s goal is to steamline their clients’ activities, make them more efficient and increase their profits. Pluriva’s values are „Innovation, flexibility, professionalism and team spirit”. Pluriva belongs to a new generation of software business solutions for local companies: the solutions are working online, easy to use and respond to modern managers’ needs regarding both the control and mobility of their businesses.

Pluriva ERP is the newest application that monitors and optimizes businesses processes from supplies to offers, CRM, sales, deliveries, receivables, car fleet management, commercial strategies, manufacturing and project management. Pluriva ERP includes accounting and HR modules as well as reporting capabilities.

Gradientis Software develops cloud applications for Romanian businesses. The company offers, a cloud solution for invoicing and accounting file management for small and medium sized businesses. Accessible online, asnwers companies’ requests for mobility and fexibility by offering them essential information about their business’ financial and commerical activities.