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Management mai simplu, din câteva click-uri

Easier management with a few clicks

For a manager, tracking project‘s statuses on daily basis, means doing nothing else.

From sending e-mails to employees to making phone calls, checks, approving, or changing the strategy, where it’s necessary, everything takes a lot of time.

If we talk about a sales project, checking every step means starting from the first proposals, going through every offer, engage in negotiations, and constantly monitoring your relationships with the customer and the deadlines. In case of a larger team, the project manager has the same responsibilities.

Besides the need to communicate with employees, from juniors to middle management, one needs to organize meetings, prepare documents, sales charts and foresee interactions with customers or the next season’s sales. This means a lot of wasted time and a decrease in efficiency, although the company’s potential is much higher. Consequently, the following question arises: how do you transform potential into profit?

The Comerciant solution provided by Ymens monitors interactions with customers, and maintains their complete profile based on public financial and legal data about them. Moreover, it reduces sales time and provides information about sales’ statuses.