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De câte hârtii ai nevoie pentru a face un bilanţ contabil?

How many papers do you need to do a balance sheet?

Only someone who never had his own business doesn’t know how many folders an accountant needs to balance the sheets.

Only invoices can easily fill several binders. Moreover, if someone wants to buy your products or sign a contract for services, you need at least the two of the following items: the invoice book in triplicate and the receipt book.

If, besides these two items, you also carry other folders in your bag, a laptop and a charger, a notebook and a sandwich you bought on your way to work, you know very well what the result will be. The sheets in the invoice book crumple, some of them might even tear. Furthermore, the writing on the invoice copies might get blurry, and if it becomes unreadable only luck can save you from a fiscal control.

The Facturator solution provided by Ymens solves this problem. There is no longer need to take the invoice book with you. On the contrary, you can issue pro-forma invoices, invoices and receipts, customized with your company’s logo, directly from your online account. Furthermore, the company’s manager can make quick decisions based on reports, receivables, total revenues generated by the most important customers or the invoicing volume.

With the Facturator solution, the payables, receivables and customers’ management is much easier. Having access to invoices, receipts and their history solves many problems for accountants and other financial department employees.