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Cum pot fi organizate mai bine documentele într-o companie

How to organize documents better in a company

Where did I put that invoice?” or “There are two sheets missing from the customer’s folder” can be two lines very frequently heard in a company. For the employees of an SME with several years of market experience, it can be very difficult to look for documents among invoices or contracts mixed up in binders.

Losing an invoice or a contract’s appendix is very easy. It might slide off the bag, it can be forgotten in the taxi, or left on the desk, these being just some of the most common scenarios. There are also the situations in which documents mistakenly end up in another folder. Or, even worse, they are mistaken for drafts left on the table and, after having been revised, end up in the garbage bin.   

What’s the solution to this problem? When it comes to documents archiving, the solution is simple: all your work is archived on the computer, each file in its own folder. Until one day when the hard disk drive burns down due to an electrical overload. Is it worth the effort?

The Ymens ECM cloud solution provided by Ymens solves the document management issue in an elegant and reliable way. The storage and management functionalities allow shared work and ease the revision and approval processes. More precisely, work takes place in a user-friendly environment that allows notifications and simplifies work. The indexing and search algorithms make daily activities more efficient. Moreover, confidential documents are protected by allowing a manager to set different access privileges for the users.  Documents can also be accessed from tablets and Smartphones.