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Colaborarea angajaţilor, mai simplă în cloud

The collaboration between coworkers - easyer in the cloud

“Can you please come to my desk with the customer’s folder? Thanks.” This is just one example of the e-mails sent to your colleagues when you must solve an issue but don’t have everything you need. Of course, this excludes the situations when one shouts from one corner of the office to the other.

When the employee finally reaches his colleague’s desk, after few minutes of searching all the documents, he has to bring another folder. He goes back, looks again and wastes another few minutes. He didn’t even finish talking and the boss asks him to come to his office with yet other documents that need to be revised and later on, approved.  Since contracts need to be approved by the Financial, Legal or Marketing department, their journey in the company might be longer than necessary. This means waste of time and low efficiency. Everything would be much easier if the entire communication process between departments would be executed online through a system specially designed to facilitate communication.

The Intranet cloud solution, provided by Ymens, makes the communication between the employees and departments much easier. It provides a private and collaborative workspace that allows quick access to information, and always sends notifications about SME’s duties and obligations.

Through its car fleet management module, the Intranet solution is also useful because it helps avoiding fines or penalties. For instance, it sends notifications before the auto insurances expires or before the taxes or fees due dates.