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Cât de importantă e legislaţia pentru afacerea dumneavoastră?

How important is legislation for your business?

How do you choose your providers? What type of contract do you use? How do you know if your contract is well formulated and what do you do if the customer breaks the contract? Do you only have Romanian customers or do you have partneres abroad? How do you adapt your terms and conditions to stay within the law? Is your foreign customer’s contract correct or is he trying to take advantage of you?

These are questions asked by every manager that works with foreign companies. Sometimes they have the same problems even with Romanian customers. Every business has its own contract model and sometimes, formulations might not be that good. How do you use legislation in your favor?

The Jurist solution provided by Ymens solves legal issues in an elegant manner. Legal department’s employees will find it much easier to consult the Romanian and EU legislation. There will be no need to browse the Internet for two days to find a decent contract template.

Jurist provides a constantly updated database of Romanian legislation, the official documents, the Constitution and Eurolegis, all a few clicks away. The search feature simplifies the procedures by allowing users to search by type, number, date, publication or topic. Instead of two days, a contract can be ready in five minutes.