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Alina Georgescu este noul Director de Vânzări al companiei de cloud Ymens

Alina Georgescu is the new Sales Manager of Ymens cloud company

Ymens, the first cloud broker in Romania announces the appointment of Alina Georgescu to the position of Sales Manager. The first strategic step taken at the same time with Alina Georgescu’s appointment to the new position is the launch of a new solution in the cloud platform, namely Ymens ECM, an enterprise content management type of solution.


Alina Georgescu has a broad experience of more than 10 years in the IT field, previously occupying key management positions with important companies in the industry. In the last years, Alina Georgescu coordinated extensive business development and sales activities holding positions such as Business Development Executive with Global Business Services or Country Manager for Business Partner Organisation and Mid Market with IBM Romania and Moldova.


The new Sales Manager is responsible for developping the business strategy of the company, with an essential role in strenghtening the position of Ymens as local leader on the cloud market in Romania. From this position, Alina Georgescu will coordinate the company expansion to the segment of large clients and the development of their dedicated product portfolio. Another goal will be to further strenghten on the long term the strategic partnerships formed between Ymens and reputed names in the IT industry, such as Microsoft, IBM and ELO Digital Office, but also the identification of new partnerships with the aim of consolidating the best business solution offer in the cloud on the market.


Together with the announcement of the Sales Manager, Ymens also communicates a new application in the platform: Ymens ECM (Enterprise Content Management), based on the ELOenterprise solution. Following the expertise gathered, Ymens applied the cloud provider model also for ELO products available until now only on-premise. The new solution allows the management of company documents and information, regardless of the format they are stored into, during their life cycle.


Alina Georgescu, Ymens Sales Manager:


“We aim to answer with the most effective solutions to our clients requests. We took the decision to introduce Ymens ECM application in the portfolio as we think it is a solution with viable benefits in the document management area for many client segments, from small to large companies. Ymens ECM is an application in itself, starting from the client’s needs and offering full visibility to company documents and information. And the benefits obtained after using the solution are noticeable from the first day even. We expect to provide the new solution to punctual projects as well as an integrating part of more complex projects, considering it is basically a solution dedicated to the enterprise segment.”


The launch of Ymens ECM solution comes along in the economic context when all companies try to develop and increase the competition level by cost reduction and better work efficiency.  With Ymens ECM, the companies can lower document management costs by up to 25%, optimizing the business processes by up to 20% for this type of activity. The risk of information loss is reduced to half only by using a Ymens ECM type of solution. Moreover, through its specific functionalities, the application increases collaboration and quick sharing of information within the organization.


More and more large companies prefer enterprise content management type of solutions while operating on a market estimated to grow at global level, from 6.78 billion dollars in 2014, to 12.32 billion dollars in 2019, according to a study by Research & Markets.


Among the main benefits obtained by Ymens ECM clients are: the standardization of processes involving document work, content organization and enabling easy access to any type of information in the company, and last but not least, increasing employee efficiency. Available in several packages and business subscriptions, according to the specific of small as well as large companies, ECM Ymens application starts form a level of 3 euro a month per user. Clients have the option to access the solution wherever there is internet access, directly in the browser, using the web client, from the Microsoft Office suite or by means of a dedicated client.


Costin Matache, Ymens General Manager:


“Alina Georgescu’s expertise from the business development and sales area shall support the growth plans of the company, as well as approaching enterprise clients and the regional expansion. With a strong team of experts and a rich portfolio of solution, toether with top partners, we are sure we can sucessfully implement the cloudsourcing strategy in Romania, offering each client the support or advice needed, together with the technological solution.”

By launching the new solution, Ymens, the first cloud broker in Romania, expands its offer of solutions for large companies and thus consolidates its position as supplier of complete and integrated business solutions in the cloud, with benefits such as flexibility, productivity, operational and financial efficiency.




About Ymens


YMENS is the first cloud broker in Romania providing cloudsourcing solutions. They help companies outsource the entire IT structure to the cloud and benefit at the same time, from a full range of solutions from consultancy, support, administration and maintenance to associated services such as BPO (business process outsourcing), AMS (application management services) or IT outsourcing. Ymens cloud technology platform was developed following an investment of one milion euro. Ymens offers customizable solutions, compatible and interconnected, that contribute to maximizing business efficiency in Romania.


The cloud is an IT infrastructure located in a data center that provides, among others, integrated application platforms dedicated to companies. The cloud solutions can be accessed online, directly from the internet browser on the laptop or desktop, on the mobile phone or on the tablet, using dedicated applications.

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