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Ymens ERP Powered By SoftOne

Be in full control of your business by planning and optimizing the use of your resources!

  • Quick decisions and a clear business perspective at any moment
  • Maximum security, high availability and operational simplicity 

Ymens ERP

Ymens ERP Powered By SoftOne

Ymens ERP Powered By SoftOne

Be in full control of your business by planning and optimizing the use of your resources!


Developing a business requires changes related to business processes, which become more and more complex as the necessary resources become more diverse. In order to be successful in the long term after extending the business, companies should remain agile, flexible, and capable of permanently adapt to the constantly changing market conditions.

Thus, the need of implementing an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) IT system becomes obvious. Apart from being an IT project, an ERP implementation is a business project. From supply, tender, delivery or receipts, to the management of business and production processes and of projects or financial operations, such a solution represents the platform of coordination and cooperation with suppliers, business partners and customers.

Ymens ERP is the tool you need to simplify and improve the business processes in your company and to efficiently manage all the company resources. This solution offers you the opportunity to integrate all the processes and procedures in a unique system, thus supporting the optimization of performance both for your employees and for your entire company.

Ymens ERP is based on SoftOne ERP, a solution currently used by more than 1,200 companies worldwide.


  • Quick decisions and a clear business perspective at any moment
  • The Ymens ERP solution allows the management of large data volumes and offers real time access to all relevant information within the company. The reports you have access to allow you to be in permanent control of the activity and results of each department, granting you increased visibility at the level of the entire company.

    At the same time, the application provides the possibility to easily identify the elements that generate financial loss in the company, by transmitting automatic alerts from the possibly affected areas. The integrated management and control Azure Hypervisor system allows the decrease in human errors, which may have an impact on the operations of you business.

    Thus, Ymens ERP helps you optimize the planning process and permanently make fast strategic and informed decisions, in order to reach the desired business and development objectives.

  • Maximum security, high availability and operational simplicity
  • Ymens ERP uses the most advanced cloud technologies based on the Windows Azure platform, which ensures maximum availability and flexibility.

    The Service Level Agreement guarantees a 99.5% level of availability of the application.

    Moreover, the operating simplicity of the solution is supported by a series of mobile and web apps, which entirely satisfy the mobility requirements. They do not involve special installations, and the access rights of the users are controlled at central level.

  • Lower operational costs through process efficiency and integration and productivity growth
  • The ERP system is available based on subscription and it does not require additional software investments, database or hardware licenses. The services are the only necessary investment, being customized according to the specifics of each customer.

  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Companies need mobile solutions more and more, while final users need increased flexibility when they operate an ERP solution outside their office, through smartphones or tablets. Market players, regardless of their size and operating field, need to have mobility and maximum efficiency when carrying out their activities, even outside the office.

    Ymens ERP supports these new trends through advanced mobile and web apps, which completely satisfy the requirements for "Enterprise Mobility". Therefore, key employees may access all the information they need anytime and anywhere, while being able to view different reports and verify the status of sales opportunities, using the desired filters. At the same time, customers, partners and suppliers can manage online the data registered in the system, the orders, the financial statements, and they may view different statuses and statistical data at any moment.

    These apps don’t require special installations. The user access rights are controlled at central level. They can be effortlessly used, anytime and anywhere you need centralized information!

  • Additionally, by using a cloud solution, you also have the following benefits:
  • Ymens ERP is a business solution completely optimized for the Cloud, a "must have" for SMEs due to its state-of-the-art technologies and integrated mobility solutions which are mandatory for the business environment, as well as due to the investment flexibility.

    Ymens ERP makes the difference on the market through the multiple benefits it brings:

    • flexibility (to choose the desired functions)
    • reduced costs
    • fast implementation
    • security
    • mobility

    Choose the package that best fits your business needs and benefit from the advantages of the Ymens ERP solution from day one!

Solution Functionality

Business - Prime PlusProfessional - Value Plus Enterprise - Global Plus
Number of users included in the package
Stock Control (3 warehouses)
Multiple Storage Locations (unlimited number of warehouses)
Corresponding Products-Substitutes
Colors and Sizes
Group Sets (Item Sets)
Storage Locations (shelves)
Serial Numbers and Service Management
Sales, Sale Orders, Retail Management
eINVOICE Connector
Sales Agents Monitoring
Touch Screen Retail
Loyalty Programs
Multi-currency (International Transactions)
Import/Export Costs
Price Policies: Purchases and Sales
Business Units
Price Policies: Credit Control
Routes/Geographical Areas
Approvals Management
Services and Technicians
Contact Persons
Business Processes
CRM - Sales & Marketing
Production costs
Customers, Suppliers, Third-parties (Debtors & Creditors)
Consolidated Statements and Company Groups
General Accounting
Fixed Assets
Proceeds, Payments, Promissory Notes/Cheques, Special Debit/Credit Transactions
Cash Accounts, Bank Accounts
Credit Cards Management
Rates and Commercial Agreements
International Accounting Standards (IAS)
Management Accounts
Cost Analysis per Activity (ABC)
Optional Fields and Aggregators
Attached Documents (document management)
Report Generator – Standard
Report Generator – Advanced
QlikView Run Time
Layout Design
Script Builder – WorkFlow Scenarios
Run Time Rights
Remote Systems
Alert System
Soft1 Web Report (5 users)
Soft1 myCustomer (50 customers)
Soft1 QuickView & Soft1 MyPortal
Additional user cost
25 EUR/month
50 EUR/month
67 EUR/month
users x 59€/month
= 0€/month
users x 75€/month
= 0€/month
users x 100€/month
= 0€/month
To view the full details, please use the desktop version for Thank you.

*Costs are valid for one year contracts. Payments for the subscription value shall be made in advance (before consuming the offered services), half-yearly or annually.

*In order to calculate the monthly package customized for your company’s needs, please contact us at

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