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Ymens CRM

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Full visibility on clients by integrating sales, marketing and customer service processes
  • Native Microsoft Outlook integration with direct access to the application from the email interface
  • Operational and administration costs reduced

Ymens CRM

Ymens CRM

Transform your customer relationship into long-term partnerships!



In marketing and sales activities, 20% of actions trigger 80% of results. But how to focus on those activities triggering income while simultaneously turning the client into a long-term partner?

Now you have access to the new client service management solution: Ymens CRM. Based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this cloud application provides all the tools needed to obtain and maintain a clear image of your clients, from the first point of contact to procurement and loyalty. With the help of Ymens CRM, you can manage in an integrated way all sales and marketing campaigns and easily access relevant activity reports, all by means of an intuitive interface, integrated with Microsoft Outlook.


  • Complete visibility on clients by integrating sales, marketing and customer service processes
  • The use of this complete solution, based on Microsoft Dynamcs CRM entails a new experience in interacting with your clients.

    The integration of sales, marketing and client service modules brings along a full view of their data, from prospect to regular clients. You will get to better manage all client history, preferences and development plans so that you can easily approach each of them with customized offers according to their specificity and business needs. Instead of using multiple solutions to obtain traceability on clients, Ymens CRM actually enables you to benefit from a complete platform for tracing and measuring all the activities in your company.

  • Easy interface and native Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Ymens CRM is a complex solution but extremely easy to use. You do not need IT knowledge and you will not waste time when trying to find the information desired. Using Ymens CRM you will navigate fast and easy through an intuitive interface and you will discover in the same spot, all the tools needed for sales, marketing and client service activities.

    Moreover, the client management solution offered by Ymens has the advantage of native Microsoft Outlook integration. Users can view the schedule of client meetings directly from the email calendar and send tasks directly in CRM to other team members or easily access contacts in CRM directly from Outlook. The Ymens CRM solution encourages collaborative work and fast interaction with clients, thus supporting team productivity.

  • Sales objectives easy overcomed
  • Any company aims at reaching sales objectives, win more clients and turn them into loyal ones on the long term. With Ymens CRM, sales agents gain more clarity on individual objectives, are able to follow client history, use the information stored to make customized offers and create high impact loyalty programs.

    As manager you can benefit from detailed activity reports at any moment in time. You can intervene in important clients’ cases, measure the individual or department performance and report to managers fast and efficiently. Now you can easily analyse the level of sales as compared to the target, the impact of campaigns or the evolution of clients according the criteria desired. Ymens CRM is a fast, flexible and economic solution which guarantees considerable improvements of business processes and profitability at a new level.

  • Operational and administration costs reduced
  • Ymens CRM is the type of client service management solution which brings increased revenue and reduced costs. This solution automates the processes within the company, reduces human errors and eliminates repetitive actions and idle hours during execution. Moreover, as Ymens CRM is a cloud solution delivered as a SaaS service (Software as a Service), you will reduce costs with hardware aquisition, licences, program updates and maintenance. For Ymens CRM, you can pay a monthly subscription for the exact number of users inside your company. You can adjust the number as your company grows or as new needs arise within the company.

  • And, in addition, because you are using a cloud solution, you also benefit from:
  • - Cost predictability by paying a monthly subscription;
    - Increased processes’ efficiency and team productivity;
    - Permanent access to the CRM YMENS solution on the Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone, anytime, anywhere.
    - Fast and free upgrade to the newest version of the solution;
    - High security standards;

Solution Functionality

Module available for customization and system administration
Definition and configuration of business units (ex.: branches, work points etc.)
Administration and creation of scorecards, diagrams, work flows and system dialogues (ex.: client questionnaires)
Automation of “customer care” process through access to predefined flows for managing client service activities
Automation of the sales process through access to functionalities and predefined processes for the sales department
Access to customer segmentation lists and marketing campaigns (creation, kick-off, follow-up, profitability, campaign evaluation etc.)
User custom scorecards and predefined view filters
Creation, modification and issue of reports
Data entry and view of clients, contacts, cases and prospects
Data entry and view for newly created entities (goods, partners, suppliers etc.)
Management of activities with clients, contacts and partners
Advanced search capabilities (after name, industry, purchased products etc.)
Using automated workflows and existing system dialogs
users x 9€/month
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users x 19€/month
= 0€/month
users x 45€/month
= 0€/month
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