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Ymens Credit Report Powered By Creditreform

Secure your business by evaluating the solvency of your partners

  • Full image of the solvency of your business partners
  • Access to 25 years of expertise in risk management on the local market 

Ymens Credit Report Powered By Creditreform

Ymens Credit Report Powered By Creditreform

Secure your business by evaluating the solvency of your partners 


Ymens Credit Report is the most useful tool for the management of insolvency risk. It offers you a full image about the reliability and credit worthiness of your present and potential customers and partners. Thus, the solution puts at your disposal all the information related to solvency and payment behaviour for any company in Romania.

Based on the request sent by our customers through the application, the risk management experts elaborate credit reports comprising all the information of interest for the customer. Ymens provides a wide range of credit worthiness reports satisfying the specific needs of each and every company.

Furthermore, the value added offered to our customers resides in the interpretation of the data contained in the report, together with recommendations related to the risk degree involved in the development of business relations with the analysed company.

The Ymens Credit Report application is developed in partnership with Creditreform, German company leader on the European market of business information. Creditreform has more than 25 years of experience in Romania. 


  • Full image of your business partners’ solvency
  • In the contemporary economic environment, defined by dynamism and competitiveness, but also by high volatility, a rigorous assessment of business partners has become a sine qua non requirement for any successful business. With the help of the Ymens Credit Report solution we offer our customers credit reports about any potential customer or partner with whom they intend to develop a contractual relation. The information comprised in the credit worthiness or reliability reports helps minimizing potential risks and confers business safety.

    More than 60 compound economic indicators are included in the reliability and solvency calculation, with different weights in the calculus formula. The seniority of the company on the market, the liability of shareholders to the company, the field of activity, the size of the company, the dynamics of the turnover, the liquidity and solvency are only several of the indicators taken into account. Furthermore, a significant importance is assigned to the information about the relations of the subject company with other companies in Romania, including with those under insolvency. The negative information constitutes a qualitative indicator with strong impact on the recommendation offered to our customers.

    Consequently, the Solvency Index comprised in the report is an accurate indicator providing a global image of the subject firm regarding its solvency and payment capacity.

  • Access to 25 years of expertise in risk management on the local market
  • More than 25 years of experience on the Romanian market, a solid database and the benefit of the know-how of our German partners, all this allows our experts to offer our customers services at the highest quality standards.

    The value added of the Credit Worthiness Reports results from the contribution of the financial analysts who take into consideration both the data collected from a multitude of sources, and the references difficult to asses by means of mathematical formulae.

    Moreover, important data about the subject companies are also investigated directly, by qualified personnel, by telephone contact with each analysed company.

    The risk sub-classes are adjusted according to the local economic situation (country risk, sector risk, Gin Coefficient, distribution of companies in economy etc.)

  • Cut of operational costs afferent to the collection of information about your potential customers and partners
  • Grace to the Ymens Credit Report solution you have access to a consistent database regarding the payment behaviour of more than 700.000 active companies of Romania. These data are constantly updated and used in the development of a rigorous analysis, being included in each credit report issued. The behaviour related to payments is monitored for all the companies since the very year of their incorporation.

    Our financial analysts, strongly anchored in the local business milieu, are permanently conducting online research, accessing all the official business databases and selecting all the data with impact on the payment behaviour of each analysed firm. For each company we then complete the information by means of a direct investigation – telephone interview with the subject firm.

    The direct contact with the subject company provides a high value added for each credit report issued, and a financial analyst may determine if the company is truly operational and carries on actual activity in the declared operation points. All the above are completed by contacts with suppliers, self-assessments, news in the daily and business press, information from the internal database of debts recovery, verification of shareholders / administrators in negative data bases.

    The collection of such a large volume of information requires the allotment of significant internal resources that, grace to the use of the Ymens Credit Report solutions, may be directed to the operational area of your company.

  • Easy interpretation of the data contained in reports
  • The credit reports we put at your disposal have a clear and concise structure, being very easily interpreted. The results are grouped in two indicators: Solvency Index and Recommended Credit Limit. The Solvency Index ranges between 100 (indicating an excellent solvency) and 600 (in the case of companies in bankruptcy). The credit limit, on the other hand, is the amount up to which one may supply products and services to the subject company, without assuming any risks of non-payment.

    To further facilitate the data interpretation, we provide our customers with several types of reports, so that they comprise only the information relevant for each different company. The simplest reports are addressed to customers who are in the phase of targeting solvable customers. Another variant of report is useful for the customers interested in business relations between the subject company and its business partners. The most complex reports, which at the same time are the safest, are recommended to the customers who intend to sign contracts with payment on due date. Thus, by selecting the adequate type of report, the customers find in their structure information relevant for their needs, presented in a modality which is easy to understand and interpret.

    Select now the package that best fits your business needs and enjoy the advantages of the Ymens Credit Report solution from day one!

Solution Functionality

Identification data
Solvency Index (Description of Solvency Index and risk classes)
Solvency Index history
Recommendation summary & credit limit and business connections
Basic information
Legal form
Incorporation and changes
Shareholders and capital
Registered capital
Information about address / operation point
Subsidiaries, relations and groups of firms
Company’s codes of activity
Turnover and employees
Economic information
Properties owned
Additional information from the Creditreform database
Credits, real estate guarantees and mortgages
Main indicators according to know-how
Payment behaviour and credit limit
Credit limit
Business connections
Payment behaviour
Negative information
Debts to the state budget and enforcement procedures
Registrations in the central of payment incidents
Records in the internal database of debts recovery
Records in the portal of the courts of law
Records in the bulletin of insolvency procedures
Financial data
Assets information
Liabilities information
Information from the Profit and Loss Account
Balance sheet further information
Fixed immobilized specific assets
Financial instalments (18 indicators)
Currency exchange rate
Schedule of financial instalments
Price of report
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* classification into 3 risk classes

** values for the last year available

*** values for the last 2 years available

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