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Complete solution for communication and team collaboration

  • Permanent access to email, calendar and documents
  • Online conferences from anywhere
  • Performance through collaboration

Suita de Colaborare


Good cooperation increases team performance!


The way people interconnect is continuously evolving. Give your employees access to collaboration solutions that provide the same freedom to communicate and share information as in their personal life. The Collaboration Suite meets this requirement through its component solutions: eMail - email collaboration solution based on Exchange 2013, Communicator - communication solution for video, audio and text communication based on Lync 2013 and Portal - team collaboration solution which uses an internal SharePoint 2013 portal. Using the Ymens proposed collaboration suite, you will gain access from any device with Internet access to emails, instant messaging and video conferencing, as well as internal the portal, the unique information location for all team members.


  • Access to email, calendar and documents from any device
  • From now on, you can work collaboratively on documents and access emails, contacts and the calendar from any device with Internet access. Business level email, calendar and contacts are delivered on the PC, phone and web browser. It is very simple. Send and receive messages, update contacts, notes and calendar entries, and they are synchronized with the server so that you can access them and work on other devices. When you receive a meeting request via the e-mail, a mobile automatic synchronization system shall ensure that you will receive event notifications from the mobile phone and the computer you use at any time.

  • Reduce travel costs
  • Communicator is the ideal solution to organize audio and video conferencing, and instant messaging (IM). Through the functionalities brought by Lync 2013, you have an easy to use solution that allows easy passage from text communication to audio and HD video. There is no need to go to a meeting because you can use the Communicator solution, share documents and presentations in 1:1 conversations with more participants. Users can send web invitations for online conferences (to be held in a HTML5-based browser), including to persons who do not have a Communicator user. Thus, you earn communication speed, flexibility and significantly reduce the traditional costs associated with travel for business meetings.

  • Easily store documents for collaborative work
  • The Portal solution offers a unique work space for your team, supporting documents collaboration. Files (documents, photos, audio, video or other extensions allowed by the system) are organized into libraries, and can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, on any device with Internet access. Each user has 5GB available for files stored within the portal and 25 GB for emails.

  • Simple to use, hassle free IT
  • The Collaboration Suite provides a single system for email, video conferencing and internal portal, thus simplifying the work of the IT department within the company. Reduce costs of managing servers and benefit at any point of modern communication solutions tailored to your business requirements.

  • Communicate in a unified, intelligent and safe manner
  • Emails, instant messaging, audio or video online meetings - all are accessible through the Collaboration Suite. Documents, tasks, calendars and contacts lists from the Portal solution can be managed through the eMail solution, lists and Portal sites are optimized for access from mobile devices, the notification system helps to prevent deadlines exceeding. The single sign-on system to the Ymens platform solutions ensures quick and easy access to emails, contacts and documents. With all these features, you shall fulfill the requirement for unified communications - at your own pace, according to your own requirements. The solutions are secured against spam or “malware” attacks.

  • And in addition to working in the cloud, you benefit from:
    • Predictable and reduced costs by paying a monthly subscription;
    • Streamlining internal processes and increase productivity;
    • Fast and free upgrades to the newest versions;
    • High security standards;

Solution Functionality

Communication SuiteCommunication Suite with Extras
Mail hosting and high storage capacity (25 GB/user and 25 MB attachment size)
Using a business domain
Share calendars and manage your contacts
Communication from any device with internet access
1:1 text and audio-video communication (instant messaging, calls, audio and video conferencing, information sharing)
Text communication with multiple users (instant messaging, file transfer, presence status)
Integration with the eMail solution by indicating the online presence, sending emails and archiving conversations
Instant Messaging and Skype connectivity
Extra: audio and video communication, web conferencing with multiple users
Extra: information sharing (desktop, applications, "white - board") during online conferences with multiple users
Internal company website and collaboration functionality (lists of information, internal website, tasks, etc.)
Access from any device to documents libraries
Integration with the eMail and Communicator solutions
Extra : advanced collaboration functionality (mailboxes within Portal websites, create internal communities websites and specific interaction with social networks : Share, like, @mention, etc)
Extra : Sync Portal documents with local user's computers
Extra: Leaves Applications Management System
users x 4.95€/month
= 0€/month
users x 8.1€/month
= 0€/month
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