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SMS marketing solution

  • Manage your recipients list effectively
  • Create your SMS marketing campaign quickly and easy
  • Analyze your campaigns based on report results



Create your own SMS marketing campaign!

Mesager is the SMS marketing solution that helps you create marketing campaigns for your existing and potential customers. By using this solution, you can be sure that your text messages are immediately sent to your recipients. Mesager offers you a new way of communicating with your customers. The interaction with them becomes easier, more efficient and will positively impact your business.


  • Manage your recipients list effectively
  • A successful campaign means that your message should reach as many people as possible from your target recipients. Consequently, your contact lists has to be 100% correct. In order to help you achieve this goal, the Mesager solution quickly verifies your recipient lists’ validity, identifying the wrong ones, so that you can correct them. For example, if a phone number is inconsistent – this being the most common error found – the solution immediately identifies it. This way, with this SMS marketing solution, you won’t lose any contact and therefore you won’t miss any opportunity to send your messages.

  • Create your SMS marketing campaign quickly and easy
  • The Mesager solution allows you to create your own SMS marketing campaign for your contacts list without a specialized agency’s help. The solution easily guides you through each step: how to set up you contacts’ data, how to create your campaign, how to set up your campaign attributes (when your messages need to be sent, necessary customizations etc.) and how often you want to send the messages. Finally, in order to make sure that your message is correct you can preview it before starting your campaign.

  • Analyze your campaigns based on report results
  • Mesager offers you a general view of all your SMS campaigns through reports on their statuses and through detailed reports for each campaign. This way, you can easily know how many recipients your message reached, in each campaign. Moreover, your campaigns’ history allows you to analyze your SMS campaigns’ efficiency for a certain period of time.

  • Additionally, by using a cloud solution, you also have the following benefits:
  • - Predictable costs, by paying a low, monthly fee.
    - Streamlined activities and increased productivity;
    - High security standards;
    - Quick and free upgrade;
    - The option to purchase additional modules at any time according to the changing needs of your business.

Solution Functionality

SMS / month
Quick and easy data load from an Excel file
Checks phone numbers’ format / validity
Allows correction of your data source
Finds and allows the elimination of the duplicates
Checks your data’s validity before loading it
Schedules your campaign immediately or at a later time
Customizes your text messages
The possibility to send text messages longer than 160 characters
Allows the SMS template management within the platform 
The possibility of dosing the campaign within packages and time 
Allows checkingthe messages by using the „Preview” option
Control features (Stop, Pause and Continue) for the degree of exposure during campaigns 
The SMS text can be saved within the communication platform, in order to be used in your next campaigns
Customized messages templates that contain variables can be used for any data base structure
Access to your up-to-date SMS campaigns reports: sent messages, pending messages in mobile networks along with inactive phone numbers
users x 28€/month
= 0€/month
users x 54€/month
= 0€/month
users x 240€/month
= 0€/month
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