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Legal information solution

  • Search quickly for complete legislative information
  • Daily legal updates
  • Contracts that obey the law



Conduct your business according to the legislation!


Jurist offers your company’s legal department quick access to Romanian and European Union’s legislation, such as laws and decisions and their updates and modifications. By understanding the law, your employees will be able to conduct business in a lawful manner. The Jurist solution is provided by The Territorial Computing Centre (CTC)  and offered through Ymens cloud platform.



  • Search quickly for complete legislative information
  • Jurist solution offers access to an extensive and constantly updated database containing all national and European legal regulations. Through its advanced search engine, the legal department is able to find very quickly the laws pertaining to your company’s activity. In addition, your employees have access to a series of dictionaries and synopses for a complete legal overview. 

  • Daily legal updates
  • New government ruling? An addition to a pre-existing law? Through daily legislative updates and monitoring it is possible to view any new law or legislation changes in Jurist, as soon as it’s made public.

  • Contracts that obey the law
  • Jurist offers you a wide range of contract templates that reflect the latest legislative changes in your field of activity. When you sign a contract you can rest assured that you are acting according to the current legislation.

  • Additionally, by using a cloud solution, you also have the following benefits:
  • -Predictable costs by paying a low, monthly fee;
    -Streamlined activities and increased productivity;
    -Quick and free upgrade;
    -High security standards;
    -The option to purchase additional modules at any time according to the changing needs of the business.

Solution Functionality

A comprehensive source of information for Romanian legislation
Daily updating of the database with new legislation and amendments to existing laws
Retrieving documents based on multiple criteria: type, number, date, publication, topic and fulltext
Possibility to export documents in PDF or Word format
Possibility to monitor the changes for certain laws
Access to Doctrines, Templates, Public Procurement, Definitions, Abbreviations, Jurisprudence, Codes correspondence, Authorizations
Access to: Eorolegis, Eorojurisprudence, legal practice, files monitoring, fiscal calendar, insolvency
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