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Internal Portal Solution

  • Instant access to information
  • Avoid penalties by using smart alerts
  • Keep track of requests



Increase your team’s efficiency by giving it access to a unique information hub!

The Intranet solution is an information hub that gives your team access to general interest information within your company. Moreover, this internal portal-type solution offers you the possibility to customize the information to be displayed, according to your company’s specific needs. It also allows you to manage your company’s assets and car fleet.



  • Instant access to information
  • Intranet offers your team members access to an unique virtual space designated to share information. Here, people can request, find or exchange documents and information in an easy, productive manner. This shared space encourages people to interact and exchange information that translates into increased work efficiency. With an easy to use, familiar web page interface, the software is user-friendly and it can be used by any member of your company, regardless of their level of technical knowledge.

  • Avoid penalties by using smart alerts
  • This internal portal-type solution keeps you constantly updated with what’s going on with your car fleet. Through a smart notifications system, Intranet informs you about the auto insurance expiration dates, road taxes or technical inspection due dates. This way, the software helps you prevent overdue payments and avoid penalties and fines. At the same time, knowing all the due dates and payments, you can plan your budget in advance, set aside the necessary funds and have excellent control of your expenses.

  • Keep track of requests
  • Intranet helps you manage purchase orders, vacation and leave of absence requests and keeps track of their statuses. This way you are able to reply back in due time, avoiding overlapping or accumulations.

  • Secure information
  • In order to ensure the privacy of your company’s information, the employees have access to documents inside the Intranet solution by logging in with a user name and a password. Moreover, your company’s internal documents are protected by powerful online security systems.

  • Additionally, by using a cloud solution, you also have the following benefits:
  • - Predictable costs by paying a low, monthly fee;
    - Streamlined activities and increased productivity;
    - Free, quick upgrade;
    - High security standards and the possibility to assign access roles to your users.

Solution Functionality

Access to unique information hub
Customized user rights to access certain features or domains
Secure access to information, only for authorized users
Internal web pages are easy to manage and update
Easy information search
Company’s assets management module
Company’s car fleet management module
Purchase orders, vacations and leave of absence requests management module
Company’s assets management module
Quick and easy to manage vacations, leave of absence requests and purchase orders
Email notifications regarding vacations, leave of absence requests and purchase orders’ statuses
Integration with Index and Correspondent solutions
Displays information of general interest for the staff
Access to weather information, time, exchange rates and RSS feeds
users x 30€/month
= 0€/month
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