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Email communication solution

  • Permanent access to emails from any device
  • Organize and sync calendars with all team members
  • Large storage space for emails



Communication has never been easier!


The eMail solution provided by Ymens allows you, through the specific features offered by the most powerful email system on the market- Exchange 2013, to increase your users’ productivity, advancing from simple communication to good collaboration between them. Moreover, now you can easily check emails, at all times and on any device with Internet access. And to enjoy a pleasant experience when using the email solution, we provide a quick and easy transition to the cloud.


  • Access emails from any device
  • You need an email solution that offers you the mobility required in a dynamic work environment. With the help of eMail, you can receive and send messages wherever you are and from any device with Internet access. Due to its friendly interface and quick access, you shall discover how easy it is to use the eMail solution on a day to day basis and with maximum results.

  • Organizing calendars and syncing with all team members
  • By using the eMail solution, you can save tasks and appointments within the electronic calendar, benefiting from a notifications system. Thus, you can ensure that you shall never miss any meeting or exceed certain deadlines.
    Moreover, you can check your personal meetings calendar or the ones of your colleagues at any time. Always being aware of your team's schedule, you can ensure that everyone uses the time dedicated to each working day effectively.

  • Large storage space
  • The Mail solution offered by Ymens supports the intense activity of each user, allowing him/her to be always connected from various mobile devices with access to a large storage space. Thus, eMail users benefit from a storage capacity of 25 GB, which allows them to keep a greater number of Inbox messages and therefore rarely archive them.

  • Secure access to information
  • Through protection against viruses, spam and “malware” attacks, the eMail solution ensures a secure communication within the company. Your data belongs to you and we guarantee their confidentiality.

  • Using a business domain
  • With the eMail solution, you can choose between using a domain provided by Ymens or use your own company domain. If you choose for the latter, but you haven’t already purchased the respective domain, Ymens specialist can provide free consultancy and support.

  • Single sign-on to all Ymens platform solutions
  • We want you to have a more simple experience in using the cloud solutions from within the Ymens platform. Thus, we provide a single sign-on system for all applications. Sign in once and access both the Ymens eMail platform and other cloud solutions to which you have subscribed, in a fast, secure and efficient manner.

  • And in addition to working in the cloud, you benefit from:
    • Predictable and reduced costs by paying a monthly subscription;
    • Streamlining internal processes and increase productivity;
    • Fast and free upgrades to the newest versions;
    • High security standards.

Solution Functionality

25 MB size limit for attachments in sent and received emails
25 GB storage capacity for each user
E-mail, calendar, contacts and tasks
Access from computer, tablet and smartphone
The possibility of using your own domain name or a domain provided by Ymens
Mail web access (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari)
Easily manage contacts through functionalities such as: add, search, group contacts.
Intuitive interface (Outlook)
Sharing calendars with other colleagues
Secure access to email through filters against spam messages and “malware” software;
users x 3.2€/month
= 0€/month
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