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Media Resources

Meeting with Neelie Kroes, European Commission Vice-President at Future Communities Innovation Fair 2013
Alina Georgescu - Director de Vânzări Ymens
Alina Georgescu - Director de Vânzări Ymens
Internet and Mobile World 2013
Premii EuroCloud 2013
G-Cloud Framework
Comerciant - Understanding customers with CRM solutions lead to the best decisions
Cloud-ul guvernamental, soluția pentru o interacțiune simplificată și eficientă între instituții publice și cetățeni
Ymens - Business Days Bucuresti, December 2013
Choose Emagazine for your online store. Easy, quick, profitable
Costin Matache - Director General Ymens
Ymens at Mediafax SME Talks, September 2013
Bogdan Padiu - CEO Teamnet
RoCS Award of Excellence 2013
Your new EMAIL - The way you like it
Events gallery
At Ymens, it's important to think about the future. We work to make the world easier. We believe that there are no limitations, that maximum productivity can be achieved more easily, and efficiency comes naturally when you use the right tools. Therefore, in the Gallery Events you can find all the details about our events.
Infographics Gallery
We know that every big story deserves to be accompanied by a good infographic. In Infographics Gallery we have included the most relevant materials that every publisher needs to illustrate its news.
Solutions Photos
We believe that Ymens solutions are the best a company can use. Therefore, we announce each time when we introduce new solutions, bundles, fees or promotions. We believe that for any SME, when there is an answer to his needs, that's a story.