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Ymens, the cloud company who develops solutions for SMEs, adds two new applications for business optimization to their portfolio. Integrator and Facturator+ are the latest additions to the package already comprised of nine applications. These cover a complex area of activities, can be customized and improve companies’ performance. Following the introduction of Integrator within the Ymens offer, customers have a business tool where employees, inventory and sales management are...
The Romanian Rescue Task Force (ARISU) is the first NGO who uses Ymens’ cloud solutions. The main reason that made the association’s representatives switch to the cloud technology is the mobility and the easiness to use for its personnel. The Ymens solution package ARISU is using includes Index solution for document management, Intranet – the internal network, Facturator, Planificator, Legis, Car Fleet and Videoconf who are used by ten people. The seven Ymens solutions...
Technology changed the world. From the invention of the wheel to the Industrial revolution we have permanently evolved. Later on, computers were created. The first ones were the size of a living room. Nowadays smartphones are as powerful as laptops. We passed the speed era and entered in the digital one. It’s time that businesses start making money by using the revolutionary solutions offered by the cloud technology. Cloud technology means efficient work, both individually and in team, by...