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Ymens and NEC propose a development model for the governmental cloud through investments in the private environment, thus enabling the users from the public sector to access advanced IT services. Through G-Cloud private operators which are running governmental cloud infrastructure by adding specific SaaS (Software as a Service) facilities, the model proposed by the two companies supports the public institutions in optimising the costs and in increasing the operational efficiency, thus bringing...
Ymens Company, the local supplier which offers a complete range of cloud services for business management, was awarded by EuroCloud Romania for the best cloud project in the private sector – implementing business solutions within the UNIOR-TEPID company. Ymens services, used by UNIOR-TEPID, leader on the industrial tools and hand tools market, have generated visible results on operational levels from the first three months. More precisely, during this time, the number of the company’s...
Over 80,000 cars in Romania have a GPS tracking system. The adoption level for profile services has recorded, in recent years, continued growth. Ymens cloud company offers MMEs a new accessible solution, designed to simplify the operation of a company fleet. Along with the introduction of Autolog, Ymens provides companies with a complete solution for online monitoring, fleet management and access to the most detailed map of Romania, directly from the internet browser. Thus, the operation and...