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General information

How do I sign up on Ymens platform?

Following the signing of the contract, on the following working day your platform account will be activated. Immediately after, you will receive via e-mail your login credentials. In order to log on, you will need to enter those credentials. At will, you can change your password when you first access the account.

How can I access the Ymens solutions?

You can access the Ymens solutions on or by using your credentials. You need only a web browser and an Internet connection.

How do I change my password? What should I do if I receive an error in my Login screen?

Once registered on Ymens platform, you are able to change your password at will by accessing the Settings menu. In case you forget your password, you can contact our support team by calling 031.9201, via e-mail at or by filling out the form which is available on our website.

How do I change my username (referring to credentials)?

The username can be changed with the help of our support team which can be contacted by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail, at .

Can I add a new software solution throughout the contractual period?

You are able to modify your contract at any given time by acquiring new modules or solutions depending on your business needs or the number of users that you have at a certain time in your company. In order to do this you can contact one of our sales consultants by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail at

Why is it that when I try to change my password I receive the message ‘New password does not correspond to the domain policy’?

In order to ensure a higher level of security for our solutions, a new password has to fulfill the below mentioned requirements: 1. It must not contain the username or parts of it or encompass three or more consecutive characters; 2. It must be at least 6 characters long; 3. It must contain characters from at least three categories: • Capitalized letters from the English alphabet; • Normal letters from the English alphabet; • Numbers; • Other characters.

How can I be informed of the new solutions being developed or on the updates to the current ones?

You can keep up to date with the latest news about Ymens and our platform solutions by subscribing to our newsletter or accessing the Blog section of our website. Also, you can contact one of our sales consultants by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail at

Why is it that after I log in to the platform and I click on a solution icon I cannot access that particular solution?

The icon of a solution can be accessed only if the respective user has previously acquired that particular solution. The solutions that you have already purchased are presented in colored icons while the rest of the solutions will appear as inactive (greyed out).

Why is it that when I try to log in I receive a message that informs me that the platform will be unavailable while specifying a time period for this inconvenience?

According to the servicing contract, the platform may be shut down for security or solutions updates, installing new solutions etc. All these preventive maintenance operations are announced with at least two days in advance and are executed in the 6 PM – 6 AM interval or during the week-end.

Information regarding the administration of the user account.

How much do solution updates cost?

The solution updates are free of charge.

What happens to the solution that I am currently using if changes in the legislation where to occur?

The solution is updated at no extra costs.

Who can I contact if I have difficulties using my Ymens solutions?

To solve any situation which may arise while using Ymens solutions, you can contact our support team by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail at An answer to your problem will be provided as soon as possible.


Who can enter leave of absence requests, leave requests or purchasing orders?

All requests will be entered by authorized personnel under ‘Cereri de învoire’, ‘Cereri de concediu’ and ‘Cereri de achiziție’.

Who solves the leave of absence requests and the leave requests?

The leave of absence requests and the leave requests are solved by the direct manager of the user which has filed in the request.

When is a leave request or a leave of absence request solved?

A leave request or a leave of absence request is solved when its status appears as approved. The person who filled in the request receives a notification of this solution via e-mail.

Who solves a purchase request?

A purchase request is given an approved status when all the users in the “Aprobatori” field approve in the system the respective request.

How do I upload a picture?

The photo of the employee is stored in the ”Foto Angajati” library. The link to this picture is pasted in the “Foto” field of the Who’s Who list.

When are notifications being sent?

Notifications are sent with 30, 15, 7, 3, 2, 1, 0 days before the deadline.

Who receives notifications?

All the persons listed in the CFM Alert (Alertare auto) field will receive notifications.

How frequently are my subscriptions being charged?

Your subscription will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Upon request, an advance payment plan may be configured: quarterly or annually. In order to do this you can contact one of our sales consultants at 031.9201 or via e-mail at

Where can I view the uploaded documents?

The uploaded documents can be viewed in two different ways: either you edit the element and then you can see it in “Foto” field or you can access the document area.

Ymens ECM

What is the difference between the “Adaugare documente” and “Import documente” options in the INDEX solutions?

The ”Adaugare documente” option is available upon the purchase of the Document management module and allows the user to add extra information to each document before it is imported. The ”Import documente” option is available upon the purchase of the Archiving module and allows the user to add the same extra information to all imported documents.

Why am I not granted permission to Check In/Check Out?

This option is available only upon the purchase of the Document management module from the INDEX solution.

Why am I not granted permission to view the version history for a specific document?

This option is available only upon the purchase of the Documents Management module.


Who can view the Dashboard type pages?

Reports are visible to all users with management credentials.

How can users import data into the COMERCIANT solution and what types of files can be imported?

The COMERCIANT solution gives the user the possibility to import information from external files for any of its entities: Accounts, Contracts, Prospections or Opportunities. In order to import, the user has to follow the preconfigured steps in the “Import” option of each entity. The general pattern to import information is the following:

Selecting the import source – the formats for the accepted files for import are the following: xls, xml, dbf, txt. To later identify the imported data set, the user has to assign a particular name to the current import.

Uploading files for import – the user selects on the hard disk the path to the file to be imported. The number or the size of the columns that contain the information is irrelevant. If the file contains an explicative table head, the “Antet” option will be checked.

Domain map – in this step the mapping of the columns in the imported file with the fields in the solution is achieved. The mandatory fields for each entity are specified in the footer section. 

How can files be attached to the COMERCIANT entities?

For each COMERCIANT entity (accounts, opportunities, prospections etc) the user has the possibility to create notes where he can input extra information regarding the desired entity. In these notes the user can attach a file. The option is found in the “Activitati” menu under””Creati nota sau atasament”.


How can I generate an invoice based on a pro-forma invoice?

In the pro-forma list click on the number of the desired document. In the next window, on the left side you can find the “Genereaza factura” option. Clicking on it will open the invoice containing all the date already entered in the pro-forma invoice.

Is it possible to create an invoice using Euro as a currency?

Yes. In the “Facturi” menu select the ”Factura externa” option. Here you are able to select in which currency to create the invoice and also enter the exchange rate. The sums will appear on the invoice depending on the currency you select.

Where can I access the closed opportunities in the COMERCIANT solution?

The opportunities with a “Inchis castigat” status in the COMERCIANT solution are available in the “Oportunitati” tab of the FACTURATOR solution.

Does the solution show exchange rates for different currencies?

Yes. You can see in any screen the National Bank of Romania’s exchange rate for USD and EU for the respective day.

Ymens CRM

Ymens solution modules can be purchased separately?

When purchasing the solution, you automatically have access to the functionalities of all three modules (sales, marketing and client service). The modules cannot be purchased separately.

How much does the implementation of Ymens CRM cost?

The CRM implementation cost comprises the monthly subscription according to the number and type of users and the cost of services, when the client selects for analysis, consultancy, implementation costs, support, developpment etc.
In order to determine the type of users needed and analyze the processes involved, we would suggest you to set up a meeting with us when we could present you a custom solution.

How to measure the productivity of the sales team?

With the Ymens CRM solution, automated processes dedicated to the sales area are made available for you. Moreover, you gain access to a set of reports granting you full visibility to sales, objectives and their completion degree at any moment in time, oportunities and activities of sales agents.

The existing client data can be imported in the Ymens CRM solution?

Certainly. The solution offers you the possibilty of importing existing data from files of various formats (.csv, .xls, .xml etc) or from different data bases. We recommend you to perform a “cleaning” operation of the existing data to make sure it is correct, as it may influence the processes as well as reports generated by the system.

Client segmentation can be performed with the Ymens CRM solution?

The Ymens CRM solution provides for client segmentation methods, using advanced filtering tools directly available from the application, as well as from the system database.
You have the possibility to dynamically save these lists of clients in order to use them further on in dedicated campaigns, promotion actions/services.

Ymens CRM can be integrated in other systems within the company?

The Ymens CRM solution can be integrated with different solutions used by the company: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) type of applications, a large variety of web applications (a web solution for handling client requests, an application developped for communication with partners etc.) and dedicated solutions such as core-banking etc. Synchronizations in real time and scheduled synchronizations are both possible.

Can I view the activities of the sales team in the Outlook calendar?

Ymens CRM can be natively integrated and directly accessed in Microsoft Outlook, the synchronized segments between the two systems being the calendar, tasks and contacts.
Through this integration, the user adoption increases and the CRM capabilities are available on a familiar, already known platform.