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Ymens CRM

Ymens solution modules can be purchased separately?

When purchasing the solution, you automatically have access to the functionalities of all three modules (sales, marketing and client service). The modules cannot be purchased separately.

How much does the implementation of Ymens CRM cost?

The CRM implementation cost comprises the monthly subscription according to the number and type of users and the cost of services, when the client selects for analysis, consultancy, implementation costs, support, developpment etc.
In order to determine the type of users needed and analyze the processes involved, we would suggest you to set up a meeting with us when we could present you a custom solution.

How to measure the productivity of the sales team?

With the Ymens CRM solution, automated processes dedicated to the sales area are made available for you. Moreover, you gain access to a set of reports granting you full visibility to sales, objectives and their completion degree at any moment in time, oportunities and activities of sales agents.

The existing client data can be imported in the Ymens CRM solution?

Certainly. The solution offers you the possibilty of importing existing data from files of various formats (.csv, .xls, .xml etc) or from different data bases. We recommend you to perform a “cleaning” operation of the existing data to make sure it is correct, as it may influence the processes as well as reports generated by the system.

Client segmentation can be performed with the Ymens CRM solution?

The Ymens CRM solution provides for client segmentation methods, using advanced filtering tools directly available from the application, as well as from the system database.
You have the possibility to dynamically save these lists of clients in order to use them further on in dedicated campaigns, promotion actions/services.

Ymens CRM can be integrated in other systems within the company?

The Ymens CRM solution can be integrated with different solutions used by the company: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) type of applications, a large variety of web applications (a web solution for handling client requests, an application developped for communication with partners etc.) and dedicated solutions such as core-banking etc. Synchronizations in real time and scheduled synchronizations are both possible.