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General information

How do I sign up on Ymens platform?

Following the signing of the contract, on the following working day your platform account will be activated. Immediately after, you will receive via e-mail your login credentials. In order to log on, you will need to enter those credentials. At will, you can change your password when you first access the account.

How can I access the Ymens solutions?

You can access the Ymens solutions on or by using your credentials. You need only a web browser and an Internet connection.

How do I change my password? What should I do if I receive an error in my Login screen?

Once registered on Ymens platform, you are able to change your password at will by accessing the Settings menu. In case you forget your password, you can contact our support team by calling 031.9201, via e-mail at or by filling out the form which is available on our website.

How do I change my username (referring to credentials)?

The username can be changed with the help of our support team which can be contacted by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail, at .

Can I add a new software solution throughout the contractual period?

You are able to modify your contract at any given time by acquiring new modules or solutions depending on your business needs or the number of users that you have at a certain time in your company. In order to do this you can contact one of our sales consultants by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail at

Why is it that when I try to change my password I receive the message ‘New password does not correspond to the domain policy’?

In order to ensure a higher level of security for our solutions, a new password has to fulfill the below mentioned requirements: 1. It must not contain the username or parts of it or encompass three or more consecutive characters; 2. It must be at least 6 characters long; 3. It must contain characters from at least three categories: • Capitalized letters from the English alphabet; • Normal letters from the English alphabet; • Numbers; • Other characters.

How can I be informed of the new solutions being developed or on the updates to the current ones?

You can keep up to date with the latest news about Ymens and our platform solutions by subscribing to our newsletter or accessing the Blog section of our website. Also, you can contact one of our sales consultants by calling 031.9201 or via e-mail at

Why is it that after I log in to the platform and I click on a solution icon I cannot access that particular solution?

The icon of a solution can be accessed only if the respective user has previously acquired that particular solution. The solutions that you have already purchased are presented in colored icons while the rest of the solutions will appear as inactive (greyed out).

Why is it that when I try to log in I receive a message that informs me that the platform will be unavailable while specifying a time period for this inconvenience?

According to the servicing contract, the platform may be shut down for security or solutions updates, installing new solutions etc. All these preventive maintenance operations are announced with at least two days in advance and are executed in the 6 PM – 6 AM interval or during the week-end.