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How can I generate an invoice based on a pro-forma invoice?

In the pro-forma list click on the number of the desired document. In the next window, on the left side you can find the “Genereaza factura” option. Clicking on it will open the invoice containing all the date already entered in the pro-forma invoice.

Is it possible to create an invoice using Euro as a currency?

Yes. In the “Facturi” menu select the ”Factura externa” option. Here you are able to select in which currency to create the invoice and also enter the exchange rate. The sums will appear on the invoice depending on the currency you select.

Where can I access the closed opportunities in the COMERCIANT solution?

The opportunities with a “Inchis castigat” status in the COMERCIANT solution are available in the “Oportunitati” tab of the FACTURATOR solution.

Does the solution show exchange rates for different currencies?

Yes. You can see in any screen the National Bank of Romania’s exchange rate for USD and EU for the respective day.