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Who can view the Dashboard type pages?

Reports are visible to all users with management credentials.

How can users import data into the COMERCIANT solution and what types of files can be imported?

The COMERCIANT solution gives the user the possibility to import information from external files for any of its entities: Accounts, Contracts, Prospections or Opportunities. In order to import, the user has to follow the preconfigured steps in the “Import” option of each entity. The general pattern to import information is the following:

Selecting the import source – the formats for the accepted files for import are the following: xls, xml, dbf, txt. To later identify the imported data set, the user has to assign a particular name to the current import.

Uploading files for import – the user selects on the hard disk the path to the file to be imported. The number or the size of the columns that contain the information is irrelevant. If the file contains an explicative table head, the “Antet” option will be checked.

Domain map – in this step the mapping of the columns in the imported file with the fields in the solution is achieved. The mandatory fields for each entity are specified in the footer section. 

How can files be attached to the COMERCIANT entities?

For each COMERCIANT entity (accounts, opportunities, prospections etc) the user has the possibility to create notes where he can input extra information regarding the desired entity. In these notes the user can attach a file. The option is found in the “Activitati” menu under””Creati nota sau atasament”.