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Who can enter leave of absence requests, leave requests or purchasing orders?

All requests will be entered by authorized personnel under ‘Cereri de învoire’, ‘Cereri de concediu’ and ‘Cereri de achiziție’.

Who solves the leave of absence requests and the leave requests?

The leave of absence requests and the leave requests are solved by the direct manager of the user which has filed in the request.

When is a leave request or a leave of absence request solved?

A leave request or a leave of absence request is solved when its status appears as approved. The person who filled in the request receives a notification of this solution via e-mail.

Who solves a purchase request?

A purchase request is given an approved status when all the users in the “Aprobatori” field approve in the system the respective request.

How do I upload a picture?

The photo of the employee is stored in the ”Foto Angajati” library. The link to this picture is pasted in the “Foto” field of the Who’s Who list.

When are notifications being sent?

Notifications are sent with 30, 15, 7, 3, 2, 1, 0 days before the deadline.

Who receives notifications?

All the persons listed in the CFM Alert (Alertare auto) field will receive notifications.

How frequently are my subscriptions being charged?

Your subscription will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Upon request, an advance payment plan may be configured: quarterly or annually. In order to do this you can contact one of our sales consultants at 031.9201 or via e-mail at

Where can I view the uploaded documents?

The uploaded documents can be viewed in two different ways: either you edit the element and then you can see it in “Foto” field or you can access the document area.