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General information

What is Ymens?

Ymens is the cloud company specialized in offering business software solutions for Romanian small and medium-sized companies. Ymens developed greatly on the cloud services market due to last generation technology based on its platform and efficient client-oriented solutions.

Who can use the solutions available through the Ymens platform?

The Ymens solutions can be used by any company, regardless of its domain of activity, size or location. The Ymens solutions are perfectly adapted to suit your business needs, giving you access to business management tools which until recently were available only to large corporations.

In what languages are the Ymens solutions offered?

The Ymens solutions are offered in the Romanian language in order to help the user become familiar with the system.

Do I have to install one or more applications on my PC in order to access the Ymens solutions?

In order to access the solutions you need the credentials, an  internet connection and a web browser. If you wish to access the solutions via Internet Explorer, you must install the Silverlight plug-in.

Purchase and costs

How do I receive the invoice? Where do I change the invoicing data?

Ymens offers great flexibility in delivering the invoices. According to your needs, the invoices can be delivered via e-mail or courier. The support team will help you with the modification of your invoicing data. The support team is at your disposal to receive these modifications by simply calling 031.9201 or sending an e-mail at

Who can I talk to in order to receive information regarding the invoices?

For information regarding the invoices you can contact one of our sales consultants. Also, the support team is at your disposal to receive these modifications by simply calling 031.9201 or sending an e-mail at

How can I pay my invoices?

The invoices can be paid via bank transfer to the accounts mentioned on the invoice.

How frequently are my subscriptions being charged?

Your subscription will be invoiced on a monthly basis. Upon request, an advance payment plan may be configured: quarterly or annually. In order to do this you can contact one of our sales consultants at 031.9201 or via e-mail at

What happens if I cancel my subscription before the end of the agreed contract period?

If you should want to cancel your subscription in advance, a final invoice will be submitted. The fee will be equal to the value of the subscription for the number of months remaining until the anniversary date.

Security information management

Where is my company’s data being stored?

All of your company’s data is stored on hosted servers at the IBM Managed Data Center, a state-of-the-art center which follows the highest standards for security.

How is my company’s data being protected?

In the cloud, you benefit from the highest degree of security guaranteed by the digital certificate and an encrypted connection between the user and the platform. This way we ensure the integrity and the confidentiality of the client’s data.