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Developed with efficiency in mind, the Ymens solutions are easy to use by any member of your team, regardless of his technical abilities. Besides, each solution comes with a user manual your employees can consult to learn about the solution’s features.

However, we all know from our own experience that people learn to use software better and faster when an expert - that knows the product inside out - shows them how to do it. Therefore we offer you onsite dedicated training sessions for your team.

During classes, expert trainers specialized in Ymens solutions will teach your team everything there is to know, from how each feature works to the way entire solution is supposed to be used.

On site training is a method of providing hands-on training for the Ymens solutions to your employees. We recommend an optimal number of hours for a training session and the optimal number of participants, so that everybody can learn how to use the solution.

Here is our recommendation:

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Ymens Cloud Solutions Optimal number of hours/training session/ solution Optimal number of participants/training session
Ymens ECM, Planificator, Videoconf, Corespondent, Jurist, Facturator 2 6-15
Ymens CRM, Intranet, Recrutor, Facturator Plus 4 6-15
Integrator, eMagazin 2 sessions* of 6 hours each in two consecutive business days 6-15

*these two sessions are necessary in order to cover all Integrator and eMagazin’s modules.

The above information represents our recommendation. Of course, our team of trainers is very flexible and will accommodate your needs in case you will require several training hours or several participants in training.

Your team members will learn everything they need to know in order to immediately start using the Ymens solutions on a daily basis. This way, few days after the training, everybody in your team will gladly use the cloud solutions that make their work very effective.

Are you a new customer? Would you like your team to become proficient in using the Ymens solutions? We can help you by offering a discounted training fee if your contract is less than 3 months old. For more information on training and costs please call Ymens customer support service at 031.9201 or email us at