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Servicii cloudsourcing

Cloudsourcing services

Cloudsourcing services

The cloud technology is the future, and we believe that, in cloud, services are the future. Through our cloudsourcing services, we offer the business environment in Romania quick and easy access both to the latest technologies, as well as to IT services, in an integrated and unified user experience. Specifically, we aggregate, integrate and customize all the IT solutions and services that your company needs in a single package, easy to access and use.

The range of services we offer is varied, from consulting, implementation and technical support and to administration and maintenance, business process outsourcing (BPO), IT outsourcing, security or application management services (AMS). The consultants and technical specialists we make available for you provide services at the highest standards. Our cloudsourcing services ensure increased productivity and considerable reduction of costs, for hardware and as well as for dedicated applications.

1.1 BPO – Business Process Outsourcing

Through the business process outsourcing, we undertake and manage part of your company's business processes, such as call-center activities, collections, HR, financial etc.

Thus, we provide online support, intervention services, continually updated information, quantitative and qualitative studies, telemarketing services, telesales and more.

 In addition, you have the possibility to focus on your own field of activity and access new business opportunities.             

a. Inbound services             


Through the Infoline Service, we offer your clients updated information on the services you provide, data on the promotions or programs developed by you. Also, we offer measurement and assessment success reports of the actions implemented.

Help Desk

The Help Desk service guarantees a long term relationship with your clients. In addition to handling and resolving possible complaints, we offer you a concrete history of interactions with customers, o database that can be analyzed before making development decisions.

  • Online support;
  • Single point of contact;
  • Strict monitoring of deadlines (SLA- Service Level Agreement);
  • Intervention services.

All these services are governed by flexibility and the adaptation to your needs.


Through the Web Support service, we can bring you even closer to your customers. Therefore, we turn your site into one with an extended schedule: thus, we will answer, in your company's name, to the messages received via e-mail or to phone calls outside the working hours.

Using this service you can fully take advantage of the opportunities generated by the marketing campaigns.

b. Outbound services

Telephone surveys

Through “Telephone Survey”, you can regularly test your customers' satisfaction with the quality of your products or services, but also to the interaction with your employees, promptness in resolving the issues occurred.

Through these services you can perform quantitative and qualitative studies that will help you better understand the needs of the consumers and how to manage the relationship with them.

“Mystery calls” services

Through the "Mystery Calls" services, you can increase the customers' appreciation and loyalty. We monitor the performance of your employees who are in direct contact with your customers, and you can make decisions, fully informed, for the improvement of the interaction between them and consumers.

The way your employees interact with customers has a direct influence on future purchases and hence on the development of your company.


Through the Telemarketing service, your company's products and services are promoted intelligently and efficiently. It is a very important support instrument for any company.

This service can have as primary purpose the information of your customers or business partners or it may consist of phone calls to promote a product or service to potential consumers

The advantage offered by telemarketing is the un-mediated transmission of direct marketing messages to potential clients and the possibility to collect feedback from them on the spot.

Lead generation

Lead Generation represents a variety of services that support the development of any business.

The package supports the Sales & Business departments. The potential customers will be selected based on a pre-qualification interview. Each selected client represents an opportunity to increase the revenues of a company.

The lead generation services cover a wide range of needs, from answering calls, setting appointments and call transfer, to the use of the leads generated by advertising.


The Telesales service is mainly aimed at increasing your company's sales.

Our agents, having an extensive experience in Telesales, contact potential customers and close phone sales, thus reducing the costs for the acquisition of new customers.

Soft collection

The service ensures the consistency of the payments flow by minimizing the delays of the payments made by your clients.

By setting up a payment schedule, monitoring it and going back to the debtors, the Soft collection service ensures the reduction of the number of outstanding invoices to your company.

1.2 IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing offers you immediate access to valuable IT specialists, while considerably reducing costs.

Thus, through this service, we ensure the significant increase in the productivity of your business, by eliminating expenditures pertaining to internal IT equipment and hiring of specialized personnel.

a. IT Maintenance

Our team of professionals offers IT support and maintenance services and optimization of computers, laptops, peripherals and IT infrastructure based on a monthly subscription.

The maintenance services include:

  • Proactive technical support, monthly, according to a schedule established for desktop systems, laptops, servers, computer networks, printing systems, active and passive network equipment, plus optimizing their performance;
  • Emergency interventions;
  • Free shipping and installation of IT equipment;
  • Systems check and clean up;
  • Back-up of data, virus removal;
  • Permanent security updates.


b. Technical support

We provide IT support for the entire company infrastructure. From the removal of critical errors to improving performance and ensuring efficient system operation, from protection information through automatic back-up to complete inventory of components.

Our specialists offer support at high standards, regardless of the type of technology: hardware (server, storage, laptop, networks) or software (operating systems, virtualization, office applications).

c. Consulting and IT audit


We are always close to you in identifying your IT needs, taking into account the particularities of your company, in planning the IT strategy, identification of existing opportunities and the potential vulnerabilities of the computer network. We offer both expert advice and support in aligning the IT strategy with the commercial and business objectives and the planning of the IT procurement budget.


For a better understanding of the opportunities to streamline the IT infrastructure, we perform a full audit:

  • The preliminary analysis to define the objectives, collect the data and development of the audit plan;
  • Research - the hardware and software inventory, license analysis, information compilation and analysis of gaps in the information system;
  • Generation of reports containing recommendations for streamlining the company system and elaboration of an upgrade plan.

The results of the audit are used in the assessment of the company's IT infrastructure, in the elaboration of recommendations to correct network errors and long term plans for network upgrade.

d. IT equipment rental

The latest technology represents a substantial investment whenever necessary. The situation changes, however, when contracting IT equipment rental services.

We provide our clients with desktop systems with configurations adapted to the requirements, to meet any business need. We offer advice so our clients can make the most appropriate choices for their business.

The laptop rental services for our clients have the advantage that it offers the installation of the necessary software, quick configuration, high technical quality of the products and quick delivery.

1.3 Application Management Services (AMS)

From technical maintenance and operation of applications, to the implementation of legislative changes, our team provides support throughout the life cycle of an application.

a. Production support

We offer support for all production monitoring activities, test and release of new versions, performance management and planned maintenance.

b. Applications maintenance

We provide technical maintenance and operation of applications, help desk support and services under a SLA (Service Level Agreement).

We cover all the operational service type activities for applications and we monitor activities according to the standards and maintenance plans (e.g., scheduling and execution of recurrent processes, backup and restore of applications).

We provide the services necessary for any type of activity for preparation, maintenance, programming, security, backup and restore, as well as support interfaces for applications, web services and databases.

c. Applications enhancements

We conduct any activity related to the implementation of the legislative changes in your business field, as well as requirements management, impact analysis and design, customer acceptance, planned changes.

We provide support in all the activities requiring reporting services, requirements management, data search and classification, report analysis, customer acceptance, report creation and delivery.

d. Training

We hold training sessions for the users as needed, based on a well documented training support and perfectly adapted to the user.

e. Service management

1.4 IT Security

Your business is safe with Ymens. We provide IT security services at the highest standards, protecting the infrastructure and confidential customer data.