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Filozofie de Afaceri

Business Philosophy

Since the launch of the company in 2012, Ymens is a pioneer of the cloud industry, continually investing in educating the market regarding the advantages of this technology and the results it can bring to the business environment.

Vision and mission

The Ymens strategy for 2014 is based on the increasingly complex requirements of the Romanian organizations, in search of integrated packages of solutions and services and customized for specific needs. 

On the Romanian market, Ymens represents an innovative business model, representing the only local company offering an integrated cloud platform with business solutions and services dedicated to Romanian organizations. To capitalize on the potential that cloud brings to the market, Ymens aims to become the preferred cloud broker at regional level for companies and local public institutions. In order to achieve this, Ymens continually invests in the development of a complete platform for cloud solutions and services, aggregating, integrating and customizing those standard elements of cloud that are essential for the delivery of efficiency, flexibility, scalability for any type of customer.


Through cloudsourcing, Ymens makes available for the Romanian companies the possibility to opt for an integrated cloud solution for applications and services to meet the particularities of each business. The cloud type business solutions are combined within the cloudsourcing strategy with a wide range of services: IT outsourcing, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), AMS (Application Management Services) or IT security services. On the model imposed by the cloud technology, the client will benefit from solutions and services based on a monthly fee related to its users and from the same standards in terms of SLA, security or support.


Ymens offers its customers a versatile cloud platform dedicated to the work environments based on efficiency. The solutions in the platform allow the employees to focus on what is truly important: the creation of products and services for the customers. With 14 cloud applications on the platform and a wide range of services, Ymens brings to the market three different ranges of solutions: the CRM suite of solutions for the effective management of customer relationships, the ERP suite of solutions, dedicated to the planning and optimization of the resources and processes in the company and the productivity suite, with direct impact on increasing the results in the collaboration and communication area in an organization. Under cloudsourcing, Ymens complements these cloud solutions with a complex suite of services necessary in the area of consulting, implementation, operation and maintenance.