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Business resources

Ymens CRM Workshop
Ymens organizes, on 23rd October 2014, an interactive workshop for CRM Ymens solution of rendering efficient the customer relation management. This relies on Microsoft Dynamics CRM functionalities....
How to organize documents better in a company
Where did I put that invoice?” or “There are two sheets missing from the customer’s folder” can be two lines very frequently heard in a company. For the employees of an SME...
How many papers do you need to do a balance sheet?
Only someone who never had his own business doesn’t know how many folders an accountant needs to balance the sheets. Only invoices can easily fill several binders. Moreover, if someone wants...
We strongly believe that Ymens is the most dynamic and daring cloud Romanian company that offers SaaS IT solutions specially designed for SMEs.
The Ymens platform consists of a suite of cloud solutions that offer multiple and significant benefits than traditional software applications on the market. Because they don’t require installation, Ymens solutions are accessible from any fixed or mobile device through a simple connection to the Internet and a web browser.
Through their success in business, our customers confirm the value Ymens has brought to their companies. With over 10,000 solution users in the platform, Ymens - the cloud company - fulfills your desire to redefine competitiveness by creating cloud solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises in Romania.
In business, as in any other competition, individual performance is not enough to succeed. The secret of success lies in the ability to choose the best partners and build trustworthy relationships.
Now you know what cloud technology is and how it works. You know what its benefits are, from cost savings to flexibility, integration, mobility and efficiency. You probably wonder how it can be used in the usual workflow. Ymens solutions meet your needs and improve your efficiency. You can learn how to use them in your company by reading the resources we have prepared for you.
We believe that Ymens solutions are the best a company can use. Therefore, we announce each time when we introduce new solutions, bundles, fees or promotions. We believe that for any SME, when there is an answer to his needs, that's a story.
Ymens is the Romanian cloud company that pioneered the SaaS (Software as a Service) field for the Romanian business environment. Our company was formed and evolved together with the cloud market, being one of the few companies dedicated to the improvement of new technologies. How did we succeed? Together with our team members!