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Through their success in business, our customers confirm the value Ymens has brought to their companies. With over 10,000 solution users in the platform, Ymens - the cloud company - fulfills your desire to redefine competitiveness by creating cloud solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of small and medium enterprises in Romania.

ACVA Europe Engineering

We are extremely pleased to work with the Ymens team. The selected solutions have proven to be very useful, being very well structured and extremely accessible both in terms of costs and especially in terms of flexibility and ease of use. We intend to expand the range of solutions we use, according to the further development of our projects.

Simona Carvaci, Office Manager, ACVA Europe Engineering, Romania.
Ymens solutions used: Index, Intranet, Corespondent, Videoconf



In my line of work, communicating with our customers is a vital business factor. Working with lots of customers, I used to write down everything in agendas. However, it was impossible not to lose information, end up with unorganized data and waste a lot of time trying to find the information I needed.  Comerciant saves every discussion, allowing me to find it with a single click. I always know what my team is doing in terms of negotiations with customers and the periodic reports help us discover our weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In addition, each sales team member has access to the customer database that allows us to avoid overlapping and enables us to work as a team. Moreover, in terms of mobility, I only have words of praise: I can safely access the information wherever I am – at the office, in the car, while having a coffee, or at home.

My team changed its way of working; we are more organized and flexible, and this thanks to the Comerciant solution.  
Thank you, Ymens!

Ionuţ Pontiga, National Sales Manager, Coseli.
Ymens solutions used: Index, Intranet, Comerciant, Facturator, Planficator


Industrial Expert

We recommend Ymens platform primarily for data security, but also for its worldwide accessibility. Additionally, it is enough to use the Ymens platform once to discover that the ease of working with organized information cannot be compared to working on traditional desktop computers, using complicated folder structures. We are currently using Ymens platform in all our company’s processes, from customers' deals, to invoicing and communicating within the organization. We firmly believe that the solutions offered are an absolute necessity.

Industrial Expert
Ymens solutions used: Index, Intranet, Comerciant, Facturator, Planificator


Romanian Association of Intervention in Emergency Situations

Ymens solutions are a truly extraordinary management tool and a giant leap for the company’s activity. The project management and communication solutions maximized our projects’ chances of success. In addition, the seven Ymens solutions have proven their financial efficiency from the first minute of their implementation by saving us thousands of Euros that we would have normally spent on buying laptops and expensive individual licenses.

Nicolae Stavre, President of the Romanian Association of Intervention in Emergency Situations (ARISU), the first successful ONG in Romania, using Ymens solutions.
Ymens solutions used: Index, Intranet, Facturator, Planificator, Legis, Car Fleet Management, Videoconf.


Complete Training

The Ymens team gained my trust from the first day of our collaboration: they accurately understood our needs, always had an answer to our questions, and they constantly offered us support with our particular situations.

As far as the solutions are concerned, I can say that they have multiple functionalities and perform all the tasks we need. Furthermore, their mobility makes information easily accessible, with no interruptions, anytime and anywhere. I strongly recommend their platform and the people from the Ymens team.

Adela Marin, General Manager, Complete Training.
Ymens solutions used: Index, Intranet, Comerciant, Facturator, Recrutor.